We strive to discover, develop, and deliver trusted financial services consultants to provide quality services to our beloved clients.

HNW-Financial Services Director

Jeffeury Tan

Jeffeury started his career in the insurance industry more than 28 years ago. With a lifelong learning philosophy, his hard work and entrepreneurial spirit earned him a multitude of accolades ranging from prestige achiever of a young hall of fame; HNW and MDRT for his district consistently.

His ability to identify opportunities to continually build a strong and dynamic team of leaders and consultants through rigorous training and development programmes has ensured clients sound and robust financial health and wealth plans for a safe and carefree future.

HNW-Financial Services Director

Juanna-Gaby Fung Yuit Leng

After more than 2 decades in the insurance business, I’ve learnt that communication and compassion goes a very long way for our clients. Through genuine empathy and connection, I am able to ensure that my clients receive the best insurance coverage for their needs. In return and thanks to the support of my clients, I have been blessed with the highest recognition – Court of the Table, Young Hall of Fame.

With this ethos drilled into the foundation of our team, the Gaby Group is a MDRT & Pinnacle Agency as well.

Financial Services Associate Director

Jack Tay

JTG offers a platform for us to work like a family, we share knowledge, experience and enjoy each other’s success together.

Financial Services Associate Director

Glenn Chow

Having joined from a bank in 2013, between helping clients with their coverage and grooming successful FSCs, I have never looked back and love every minute of my time in JTG!

Financial Services Manager

Eric Tan

JTG has always been an extended family to me – it has taught me many things throughout my years in the organisation and has constantly nurtured me and mouldmetowhoIamtoday.Iam grateful for the wonderful team and mentorship that I am blessed with.

Financial Services Manager

Rayson Koh

My time at JTG started prior to my University days and I have no regrets about joining this Industry. The experience from the older agents has been something I truly appreciate about this Agency. Look forward to working alongside the rest of JTG and growing the group over the foreseeable future
Financial Services Manager

Vincent Tan

To me in JTG, is like my 2nd home, here all the people are like family. Whenever we face any problem, everyone will try to help to solve.. I guess I will never find another working place like this anymore.

Financial Services Manager

Jerel Tan

Financial Services Manager

Ho Jian Xiong

My experience here at JTG has been amazing. If I were to describe the environment using a quote, it would be – “If you want to walk fast, walk alone. But if you want to walk far, walk together.” I love how supportive my colleagues are to one another. It’s also a place where it brings the best out of one’s abilities.

Personal Wealth Director

Kelvin Chan

Good leadership, having great development plans and very organised training programmes.

Senior Financial Services Consultant

Darren Ho

I have been doing one thing in the past 20 over years, i.e. to touch lives by offering suitable and customized financial solutions to my clients. I believe success is a journey and not just a destination.

Senior Financial Services Consultant

Jessie Hui

This business has given me the opportunity for being both a Mentee and Mentor.
Senior Financial Services Consultant

Charles Hui

In JTG, we have grown from strength to strength. The forward looking collective responsibility undertaken by fellow colleagues and leaders gives us the advantage of seeing the trends as it comes and turning it into great opportunities as it unfolds.

Senior Financial Services Consultant

Russell Ngoh

JTG has grown swiftly to a powerhouse over the years. Our leaders have put in tremendous effort to make what the

agency it is today. Leaders would always be there when we need them. Fellow colleagues unreservedly go all the way to assist one another . JTG has organized many workshops and activities to get the FSCs to realize their potentials , self worth, upgrade their selling skills and product knowledge .

Bonding and sharing among ourselves create excellent camaraderie in the group and make JTG an awesome team to be with for life!

Senior Financial Services Consultant

Tan Boon Kian

The JTG workplace feels full of energy and vibrant and ever changing. It gives you lots of guidance and preparation. Empowering you to excel in whatever real test that comes along.

Senior Financial Services Consultant

Nelly Tan

Most Trustable, Professional and compassionate agency with a very healthy work environment.
Executive Financial Services Consultant

Sherlyn Koh

JTG is a lively and friendly environment with  colleagues who are willing to share their knowledge with each and everyone of us, help us when we encounter difficulties.

We push each other to go for aims and targets, and celebrate when we achieve our goals. We play hard  and work hard and we always have the support from our boss in helping us whenever we have difficulties, a selfless boss who always give his best to help his agents.

Senior Financial Services Consultant

Koh Hock Chai

JTG allows us to work as a team, giving each other needed support.

Senior Financial Services Consultant

Wong Seng Sing

HNW-Senior Financial Services Consultant

Faith Lin

An agency that works as a family.

Financial Services Consultant

Elise Ang

I am glad to be part of the JTG family. Over the years, leaders and colleagues had been providing me guidance and encouragement, making sure that I grow in my position. This enables me to be niche and able to serve my clients better.
Financial Services Consultant

Gavin Lim

My past 4 years in JTG has been a very fulfilling experience. Being tasked to take on different aspects and roles within the districts, being challenged and pushed out of my own comfort zone to continuously grow and be better than who I was before.

Financial Services Consultant

Kerry Choo

I love the vibrant environment. We have a good mix of young and senior colleagues who are always there to help one another. And with the implementation of agency activities like recruitment seminars and training, I could totally feel a strong sense of belonging to the district.

Financial Services Consultant

Tong Shan Wen

JTG has provided me with a very strong foundation and it has a positive and passionate environment which fuels my growth in my career. I am grateful to be given a lifetime opportunity to work at JTG.

Financial Services Consultant

Eunice Goh

Having the right cultural fit into the right workplace with everyone shares the same vision and mission.

Financial Services Consultant

Vivien Yee

The district provides encouragement, guidance, and advice that keeps me sane while dealing with challenges. The training and mentorship truly molded me into someone with valuable skills and talents to become a MDRT.

Financial Services Consultant

Yue Kian

I would say the office culture plays a big part no matter which industry we are in. My seniors and juniors are always encouraging and pushing me on this journey. Here, we are one big family that strives for excellence. Join a family that would help and guide you genuinely.
What are you waiting for?
Financial Services Consultant

Gary Phua

Everyone in JTG is nice and caring. The senior agents are willing to teach and share their experiences in this career with the junior agents, at the same time to guide and motivate us.

Financial Services Consultant

Chen Mingjun Eugenius

JTG is my second home, we leave no one behind and we excel together as a family. To the moon!

Financial Services Consultant

Li Wen Bo

When I first stepped into the office 3 years ago, I felt very, very welcome. Yes that is not a typo, I had to say “very” twice, because it was that good of a feeling. I have been working here since, but it didn’t feel like work at all. I guess that is what happens when a very cohesive and supportive team really strives to bring out the best of every individual. Concurrently, I fell in love with the work I did.

Financial Services Consultant

Amelia Fan

Life insurance is like a sincere smile that is warm on a rainy day. When it is purchased with heart, with good intention, surely it will brighten the days for those who receive the benefit. Because we value our clients, we work hard to provide the excellent service they deserve.

Financial Services Consultant

Enstein Loh

Working at JTG has been nothing short of amazing with the readiness of mentors and seniors to provide an environment.

conducive for growth. 2020 was a challenging year for us but the experience and attitude of JTG has helped us gear up for an even tougher 2021.

Financial Services Consultant

Chang Bing Chuen

Being in JTG has helped me be constantly reminded that a little progress each day adds up to big results. A short 15 minutes of your time wouldn’t even be enough to describe my experience in the most inviting and supportive culture of JTG. I can assure you that the grass is really greener here.

Financial Services Consultant

Demy Deng

It’s an incredible work experience to work under a team of people whose skills and talents are notable. I get to learn something new from the district everyday and that drives me to do a great work.

Financial Services Consultant

Tan Bee Sim

I am fortunate enough to be part of the team. Everyone is very friendly, helpful and keen to share their experience and sales ideas to a new agent like me which has helped me to be able to catch the concept quickly.

Financial Services Consultant

Serene Wan

As a fresh graduate, I am thankful for the guidance and mentorship received from JTG. The valuable experience allow us to grow as a team and emerge as a stronger individuals.

Financial Services Consultant

Terence Yip

I am a standout financial services consultant with three years of experience, exuding enigmatic charm at the age of 25. Dedicated to empowering the next generation, my goal is to provide cutting-edge advisory services and inspire youths, Gen Zs, and millennials to achieve their goals. I shine as a guiding light to my followers, while leveraging my strong suit in social media (especially Instagram) for impactful marketing. A transformative journey is what I have adopted and will impart, when I lead and inspire others to greatness.

Financial Services Consultant

Mavis Ong

I am passionate in providing tailored solutions for individuals, catering to their needs and priorities. I personally have a strong belief in getting yourself prepared for the uncertain future and I want to work hard for myself and my clients!

Financial Services Consultant

Sheng Yi Xuan

Financial Services Consultant

Jonathan Lee

Although this is a self-employed industry, it is really the team spirit and cohesion that allows JTG to reach greater heights as one family. Despite being one of the newer agents, I am able to have a voice the agency, which gives me the space to explore my own ideas and craft my own unique advisory process.
Financial Services Consultant

Wayne Koh

As a financial consultant in Singapore, I prioritize integrity, trustworthiness, and personalized solutions. With a focus on empowering young professionals aged 25-35, I offer expert guidance on strategic financial planning, retirement readiness, and prudent investments. Together, let’s build a secure financial future that aligns with your aspirations and dreams.
Financial Services Consultant

Charmain Chong

With a passion to help people and drive to excel, I am committed to learning and growing in this field which JTG has provided for me as a new consultant. My goal is to provide personalized financial solutions to clients, helping them make informed decisions and achieve their financial objectives.
Financial Services Consultant

Trestan Phoo

I love connecting with people and learning about their interests. In fact, my heavy involvement in student life and events helps me bring people together and add value to others. Being in this industry allows me to better plan financial goals for the people around me in order to live fulfilling lives without worry!